Client Connections (Phone, Virtual, In Person)

Quick Connection

Best as a relatively quick connection, a direct discussion, a meet and greet, or a check-in scheduled for a few minutes or up to 30 minutes.

Deep Discussion

Best for a deep discussion on one or multiple items at a relaxed pace, scheduled for 60 minutes (or longer, if needed).

Related Professional Meeting

Best as an invitation for us to meet with you and your tax preparer, estate planner, or other related professionals.

Comprehensive Progress Meeting

Best for an annual review-type meeting, scheduled for 90 minutes (or longer, if needed).

Half-Day Retreat

Best as a family meeting with multiple generations.

Full-Day Retreat

Best as a family meeting with multiple generations, held in a relaxed environment.
Document Drop Off

Secure Recycling

Best to secure our receipt and destruction of your private documents.

Scan & Return

Best to ensure we can receive and return your documents ASAP, hopefully within a few minutes.